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Dreams you believe in very much have a habit of coming true! Nofi KIDS is my wish, dream and something that I hope will fulfill the dreams of many children!
I am the mother of two lovely girls who have inspired, taught and encouraged me to dream. To dream of something that brings joy to both children and adults, develops, but also preserves the environment and creates an experience. Nofi KIDS is our common dream – a dream that has come true!

We believe that in addition to the joy of children and parents, respect and care for our nature and environment are also important. This way, all the materials used in our toys are environmentally friendly and of high quality! All textiles, including fabrics, threads, rope and foam, have the Eco-tex label, which ensures that materials are safe for both health and the environment, have been tested and are chemical-free. Nordic tones and minimalist design make it possible to fit toys into any interior without hiding them in a toy box! All Nofi KIDS toys are handmade in Estonia and have passed the tests performed by the Health Board. All products have the CE mark. We want to create products that last – so siblings, friends and acquaintances alike will enjoy them!

Pleasure is important, but even more important is the child’s development! That is why all toys have been designed to support the child’s development in different ways.
We have also tried to make the most environmentally friendly choices possible when packing and delivering the package to you. We use recycled paper for packaging and printing! The ink used in the publications is environmentally friendly, odorless and does not contain toxins.
Nofi KIDS is a dreamÔÇŽ fulfilled a dream! But in fact we have one more secret dream! We want these products to find their way into your heart, fill the eyes of children with joy and create memorable and beautiful moments for the whole family!

With good wishes,
Kerlin and the girls

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